Jepsen tests for Scalar DB

This guide will teach you how to run Jepsen tests for Scalar DB. The current tests use Cassandra test tools in Jepsen.

How to run tests

  1. Get Jepsen which has Cassandra tests
$ git clone -b cassandra
  1. Copy this directory to your Jepsen directory
$ cp -r ${SCALAR_DB_HOME}/jepsen/scalardb ${JEPSEN}/
  1. Start Jepsen with docker

    Before you start docker you will need to edit the node ubuntu Dockerfile so that the openjdk-8-jre package is installed. That is, edit ${JEPSEN}/docker/node/Dockerfile-ubuntu to look like

    ```docker FROM jacobmbr/ubuntu-jepsen:v0.1.0

    RUN rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/docker-clean && apt-get update

    Install Jepsen dependencies

    RUN apt-get install -y openssh-server \ curl faketime iproute2 iptables iputils-ping libzip4 \ logrotate man man-db net-tools ntpdate psmisc python rsyslog \ sudo unzip vim wget apt-transport-https \ openjdk-8-jre \ && apt-get remove -y --purge --auto-remove systemd ```

    • Fire up docker. The script starts five nodes and a control node (jepsen-control)

    $ cd ${JEPSEN}/docker $ ./ --ubuntu

    • Login to jepsen-control

    $ docker exec -it jepsen-control bash

  2. In jepsen-control install Cassaforte (Clojure wrapper for Cassandra) and the Cassandra test tool

# in jepsen-control

# Cassaforte
$ git clone -b driver-3.0-for-jepsen
$ cd cassaforte
$ lein install

# Cassandra test tool
$ cd /jepsen/cassandra
$ lein install
  • Or, you can add the following lines after RUN cd /jepsen/jepsen && lein install to ${JEPSEN}/docker/control/Dockerfile
RUN cd /root && git clone -b driver-3.0-for-jepsen
RUN cd /root/cassaforte && lein install
RUN cd /jepsen/cassandra && lein install
  1. Run a test of Scalar DB
# in jepsen-control

$ cd /jepsen/scalardb
$ lein run test --test transfer --nemesis crash --join decommission --time-limit 300

Use lein run test --help to see a list of the full options